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Artificial World - Civil Defense (2) - Propaganda vs. Civil Defense (CD, Album)

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  1. Mar 26,  · Several student patrons are working on research papers about the Cold War era and some are focusing on the nuclear arms race and the fear of nuclear attack. It's been fascinating finding and reading materials we have in our print collection, including information published by the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) in the s and the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization (OCDM.
  2. Civil Defense Collection - posted in HOMEFRONT & THE WAR EFFORT: This is the Civil Defense/Homefront display that my wife has graciously allowed me to put up in our dining room. I'm now hooked on home front and civil defense stuff! The large poster is from the Office of Civilian Defense (OCD). It's marked US Government Printing Office The two armbands are both from Maryland Civil.
  3. Posters promoted civil defense safety procedures on the homefront and local citizens joined the civilian defense army. Air raid precautions (WWII poster promoting proper air raid procedures); Blackout means black (WWII poster reminding citizens of the importance of complete blackouts); Civilian defense.
  4. CIVIL DEFENSE: Films that deal explicitly with preparing for atomic attack or other disasters and the anticipated aftermath of such events. This subgenre includes Civil Defense commercials that were aired on local television in the public interest. RED SCARE: Anti-communist films that warn of the true aim of the Red Menace.
  5. • The concept of civil defense. i. The definition of civil defense: Civil defense in Saudi Arabia as it is known by the civil defense system released by Royal Decree NO. M/10 on , correspond=ding to is: a set of measures and actions necessary for protecting the citizens, public and private properties from fire hazards.
  6. Civil Defense Organization, Insignia, and Ranks by Ryan Crierie, with assistance provided by Bruce E. Dorsey of Pakuranga, New Zealand. All artwork, except for the rank insignia, was originally published in a series of Civil Defense publications in the s; and much of the description of the Corps and their duties also comes from those publications.
  7. Civil Defence in the broadest sense, is series of measures, preventive and repressive, whose goals are the protection and the security of people and their property and the mitigation of the possible results, whether are caused by hostile action, natural or technological disaster, among the population.
  8. The m 3 excavated volume of the shelter facility provides m 3 per person for a capacity of persons. This is adequate according to current Norwegian civil defense regulations. During peacetime, the civil defense shelter can be used for storage purposes.

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